Erasmus+ in Berlin – First impressions (Monday)

Today the Erasmus+ students came to our school and learned what our school is like.  In this project there are students from Germany, Iceland, Slovenia, Spain and Denmark. First of all, at 8:30 AM, the German and Danish students sat in a chair circle, presented themselves and got to know each other. This icebreaker got us to laugh and we found out how similar we are even though we are from different cultures. 

After that at 9:20 AM, the teachers explained the plan of the day and after that they went outside and got to know our school. Afterwards, from 9:50 AM until 11:20 AM, the exchange students went to different classrooms and got to know what a school lesson looks like in German schools. They do not use computers here which is really weird for a Dane to observe. The students then ate lunch from 12:10 AM until 1:10 PM. Here we were placed with students from different countries and learned about the countries traditions. We always try to learn to say some basic words in a new language, but it has been confirmed that the Danish language is hard to speak. The students ate in the cafeteria of the school from 12:10 AM until 1:30 PM. 

Our experince of the school gave us a lot of impressions and we can see the differences between our school system and the German school system.

After school we went out climbing, it was fun and with this experience we got to know each other even more. Afterwards we will go on sightseeing. Berlin is very different compared to Aalborg of course it is bigger, but it is also more multicultural compared to my town. It’s nice to be here in Germany and to make new friendships. Thank you for reading, see you!

The Danish students 


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