REVIEW: Liverpool FC 0-0 FC Bayern – Olympique Lyon 0-0 FC Barcelona

Two draws and two boring matches in the Champions League knock out stages round of 16.

Liverpool FC 0-0 FC Bayern – Both teams were not good offensively, espacially Liverpool who wasted many big chances. The defence from both teams was really good and have not accepted any danger in front of the goal. Man of the match was by far Javi Martinez, the central defensive midfielder from FC Bayern. Overall it was a boring match without any spirit or energy. There will be all to play for at the stadium of Bayern in three weeks.

Lyon 0-0 FC Barcelona – Being wasteful costed Barcelona the victory once again. Barca had more possesion in the second half, but the Les Gones made step back compared to the first half. The Blaugranas have wasted many golden chances to take the lead, but also Lyon got chances especially in the first 45 minutes, but both walls ter Stegen and Lopes saved all of the dangerous shots. Lyon even have even hit the post in the first half. Barcelona was the better team, but they could not use their chances to get the deserved win at the end. There is much to improve in the final third. All to play at the Camp Nou (Barcelona) in three weeks.

Rezension: Harry Potter, Teil 4

Inhalt:  Am Anfang besuchen Harry,Hermine,Cedric, Ron und seine Familie die Quidditch Weltmeisterschaft. Als sie zurück nach Hogwarts kehrten, erfuhren sie vom Trimagischen Turnier. Außerdem kamen Schüler von anderen Zauberschulen um ebenfalls am Trimagischen Turnier teil zu nehmen. Am Turnier nahmen Viktor Krum,Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour und Harry Potter teil. Beim Trimagischen Turnier, mussten die vier mutigen Teilnehmer sehr viele lebensbedrohliche Aufgaben bewältigen. Außerdem gab es einen Schulball. Beim letzten trimagischen Spiel gab es einen Kampf zwischen Voldemord und Harry. Cedric Diggory starb beim trimagischen Tunier.

Fazit: Der Film ist sehr empfehlenswert, interessant und spannend. Wir würden ihn jeder Zeit nochmal anschauen.

Erasmus + in Berlin – Discovering Kreuzberg (Thursday)

First we met at the trainstation Siemensdamm at 9am. After that we took the train to a museum in Kreuzberg. On the third floor in the museum was a map of Kreuzberg. We could listen to some information on a tablet. It was really interesting, the tour guide told us something herself. She grew up in Kreuzberg. She told us that back then people from other countries weren’t welcome in Germany because of the Nazis. After that we made a little tour through Kreuzberg it was really nice to see a different borough than Spandau. She showed us her favourite places in Kreuzberg. We learned so much about the history of Germany. At the end we went to a mosque it was in a backbuilding it was really interesting to learn something about a different religion. For lunch we all got 5 euros. With that we went to have a Kebab for example. It was a great day.

The Spanish Team, Neele and Joanna

Erasmus+ Conference Day and Gala Night (Wednesday)

Today we had our big conference day. We met in school at 8 o’clock as usual and we had 1 hour for practicing our presentations. At 9:30pm we started our presentations in a big assembly room which was nicely decorated by German students.  First up were the students from Iceland. Their presentation was well designed and researched. It was surprising that many young people leave Iceland mainly for education.
The second presentation was made by Spanish girls. The girls were very energetic so the presentation was very dinamic, lively executed and well prepared.
The third country to present was Slovenia. We were very nervous but also excited. The feedback was great and we are really proud of ourselves.
Second to last was the German report team. The presentation was informative,they included advantages and disadvantages, we found out how diverse their cultural backgrounds are and they had a good action plan.
Last up was the Danish team. Their preformance was strong and powerful. They presented Danish laws and political state. I think their action plan was different from the others, the most interesting and also bold.


In the end of the day we met at 6 o’clock in the school, where we had a gala night. First we ate some delicious food especially the desserts which were made by our host students and their families. Later in the evening we divided into several mixed teams. Our task was to build a strong, good-looking bridge and we also had to name it. In the end the blue team won but we all did our best.

Wednesday was a long and exciting day and we should be proud of the work we have done until now.
Be sure to enjoy our last days in Berlin!

The Slovenian report team

Erasmus+ in Berlin – Discovering Berlin (Tuesday)

At 9:30 we went to the house of Europe and attended an interesting presentation about the history of the European Union. Following the presentation we did a European quiz also at the house of Europe. At the European Expedition Center we answered a questionear about the European Union which was very interesting. After the expedition we had a little break and ate our lunch as well as we took some pictures by the Brandenburg gate in the rain. Following this we walked over to view the holocost memorial. From there we went to the Reichstag, we walked all the way up to the top and enjoyed the view from there. Us from Iceland agreed that the Reichstag was the best part of the day and we overall enjoyed the day trip discovering Berlin even though it was raining:)

Best Regards

Ester, Hekla, Thelma, Halldór og Birgir


Erasmus+ in Berlin – First impressions (Monday)

Today the Erasmus+ students came to our school and learned what our school is like.  In this project there are students from Germany, Iceland, Slovenia, Spain and Denmark. First of all, at 8:30 AM, the German and Danish students sat in a chair circle, presented themselves and got to know each other. This icebreaker got us to laugh and we found out how similar we are even though we are from different cultures. 

After that at 9:20 AM, the teachers explained the plan of the day and after that they went outside and got to know our school. Afterwards, from 9:50 AM until 11:20 AM, the exchange students went to different classrooms and got to know what a school lesson looks like in German schools. They do not use computers here which is really weird for a Dane to observe. The students then ate lunch from 12:10 AM until 1:10 PM. Here we were placed with students from different countries and learned about the countries traditions. We always try to learn to say some basic words in a new language, but it has been confirmed that the Danish language is hard to speak. The students ate in the cafeteria of the school from 12:10 AM until 1:30 PM. 

Our experince of the school gave us a lot of impressions and we can see the differences between our school system and the German school system.

After school we went out climbing, it was fun and with this experience we got to know each other even more. Afterwards we will go on sightseeing. Berlin is very different compared to Aalborg of course it is bigger, but it is also more multicultural compared to my town. It’s nice to be here in Germany and to make new friendships. Thank you for reading, see you!

The Danish students 



Am Freitag 12.10.2018 fand der erste SleepOver an unserer statt für alle siebten Klassen.

Erstmal mussten wir unsere Sachen auspacken und ordnen. Danach haben wir uns alle versammelt, damit wir den Ablauf besprechen können. Anschließend haben wir Abend gegessen und unser Geschirr gewaschen. Dann haben wir eine Schnitzeljagd gemacht. Wir wurden in Gruppen aufgeteilt. Die Schnitzeljagd war lang, aber es hat Spaß gemacht. Weil die Schnitzeljagd so lang war, mussten wir unseren Ablauf für eine Stunde verschieben. Die Gewinnergruppe konnte danach entscheiden welche Filme wir uns angucken konnten. Die Filme waren: Monster AG, Hui Buh und Magische Tierwesen. Die, die den Film nicht gucken wollten, konnten noch draußen sein. Nachdem die Filme vorbei waren, konnten wir uns fürs Bett fertigmachen (Umziehen, Zähneputzen, …). Unsere Zimmer wurden vor dem Schlafengehen noch einmal kontrolliert und überprüft, ob wir alle fertig sind. Die Handys wurden nicht eingesammelt, aber wenn man was hört schon. Am nächsten morgen haben wir Frühstück gegessen und wir konnten noch im Mobilbau sein. Als es fast Zeit war zugehen, mussten wir unsere Zimmer aufräumen und einpacken. Nachdem alle Zimmer kontrolliert worden sind, mussten wir uns abmelden und konnten anschließend nachhause gehen.

Kommentare: Wir fanden es insgesamt sehr gut.

Feedback: Wir wünschen uns für das nächste Mal, dass bei der Schnitzeljagd alle Gruppen zu jeder Station können.

REVIEW: Hertha BSC 2-0 FC Bayern München

Niko Kovac has lost a competitive match for the first time as a coach of Bayern Munich – and at the same place where he himself had taught as a Frankfurt coach where he beat the record champions (Bayern) in the DFB Cup final. Bayern’s so far last competitive defeat was in the Berlin Olympic Stadium where they lost to Frankfurt 3-1. On Friday night, the German champions lost with 0-2 at Hertha BSC. Hertha Berlin now have as many points as Bayern.

Hertha’s coach Pal Dardai had to give up injured goalkeeper Jarstein, who played in the 3-1 defeat in Bremen. Hertha’s coach won against the record champion of germany with 2-0, four weeks ago. In general, the players of Munich had a hard time bringing pace into their offensive actions.

The Kovac-eleven came so rarely in the dangerous rooms, but more often to corners, which introduced the most dangerous possibilities of Bayern in the second round: Hertha goalkeeper Kraft rescued after a header from Boateng. The last chance of Bayern, a low shot by Gnabry, did not lead to success (82nd minute).


Hertha BSC v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga

Hertha’s penalty goal scored by Ibisevic in the 23rd minute of the match gave Hertha BSC the 1-0 lead.