Erasmus + in Berlin – Discovering Kreuzberg (Thursday)

First we met at the trainstation Siemensdamm at 9am. After that we took the train to a museum in Kreuzberg. On the third floor in the museum was a map of Kreuzberg. We could listen to some information on a tablet. It was really interesting, the tour guide told us something herself. She grew up in Kreuzberg. She told us that back then people from other countries weren’t welcome in Germany because of the Nazis. After that we made a little tour through Kreuzberg it was really nice to see a different borough than Spandau. She showed us her favourite places in Kreuzberg. We learned so much about the history of Germany. At the end we went to a mosque it was in a backbuilding it was really interesting to learn something about a different religion. For lunch we all got 5 euros. With that we went to have a Kebab for example. It was a great day.

The Spanish Team, Neele and Joanna

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