Erasmus+ Conference Day and Gala Night (Wednesday)

Today we had our big conference day. We met in school at 8 o’clock as usual and we had 1 hour for practicing our presentations. At 9:30pm we started our presentations in a big assembly room which was nicely decorated by German students.  First up were the students from Iceland. Their presentation was well designed and researched. It was surprising that many young people leave Iceland mainly for education.
The second presentation was made by Spanish girls. The girls were very energetic so the presentation was very dinamic, lively executed and well prepared.
The third country to present was Slovenia. We were very nervous but also excited. The feedback was great and we are really proud of ourselves.
Second to last was the German report team. The presentation was informative,they included advantages and disadvantages, we found out how diverse their cultural backgrounds are and they had a good action plan.
Last up was the Danish team. Their preformance was strong and powerful. They presented Danish laws and political state. I think their action plan was different from the others, the most interesting and also bold.


In the end of the day we met at 6 o’clock in the school, where we had a gala night. First we ate some delicious food especially the desserts which were made by our host students and their families. Later in the evening we divided into several mixed teams. Our task was to build a strong, good-looking bridge and we also had to name it. In the end the blue team won but we all did our best.

Wednesday was a long and exciting day and we should be proud of the work we have done until now.
Be sure to enjoy our last days in Berlin!

The Slovenian report team

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